Dry, Damaged Hair? Improve it with Natural Hair Oil

29th Jul 2014

Bring your lifeless, dry, and hard to manage hair back to life with Simplicity Hair Oil. We’re all guilty of the common hair mistakes – applying too much heat, washing your hair too often, or using boxed hair color at home. Let’s face it, most of us put our hair through a lot! Simplicity Hair Oil uses natural hair oils that help transform dull and lifeless hair into easily manageable, thicker, shinier, and most of all balanced hair.

Our line of natural hair oils, shampoos, and conditioners have undergone over two strenuous years of clinical studies to create the unique formula we’re able to offer today. You won’t find any chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, or artificial colors of any kind in any of the Simplicity Hair Oil products. We believe in a full commitment to healthy, natural products full of elements only found in nature.

We’d like to think that because we’ve had our hair our entire lives, no one knows it like we do. Unfortunately, we have quite a few bad habits that damage our locks more than we realize. Taking the time to properly care for your hair will make a world of difference almost immediately and using the right products will make you feel even better.

We take the phrase “beauty is skin deep” literally. The products that we use on our body, especially on our skin and scalp, penetrate into our bloodstreams. Most of these products have artificial enhancers such as fragrances, harsh chemicals, and other harmful ingredients that can be toxic to us. That’s why Simplicity Hair Oil only uses essential oils in our natural hair oilsTry it now!