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Bring Your Hair Back to Life

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While you may enjoy the lather and foam of your favorite shampoos, certain ingredients in traditional hair products can actually strip your scalp of the oils and nutrients it needs to keep your hair healthy. At Simplicity Oil, we want to see your hair come back to life and with our natural hair oils, it can do just that. We aren't offering magic in a bottle; we're offering a well-researched, natural product that restores the balance and health of your hair.

We also don't create our products in large batches, where inconsistencies and imbalances can creep in. We craft small batches of our natural hair oils, maintaining a high standard and quality throughout the entire process. From the addition to coconut and jojoba oil, to the mixture of sage and eucalyptus, we check everything thoroughly so that the end product is something that we can be proud to sell and that you can be proud to use. You won't have to suffer with dry and lifeless hair any longer. Instead, you'll feel proud of your hair once more.

Shampoos and conditioners from the store shelves can clean and treat your hair, but they can also do unseen damage to your follicles. In addition to our natural oils, we also sell shampoos and conditioners that will help hydrate and protect your hair, instead of stripping the oil from it and making it dry and brittle. Give your hair the nourishment it needs by finding the perfect products for it at Simplicity Oil.

Give the Gift of Natural Hair Oils This Holiday Season

If you're searching for health-conscious gifts this holiday season, you may be thinking of certain foods or products that don't contain harsh additives or potential allergens. At Simplicity Oil, we believe in offering health-conscious products that benefit people in a pure and unaltered way. Our natural hair oils are formulated to enhance and repair your [...]

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Shiny and Beautiful Hair Should Always Be Simple

Hair products are a dime a dozen, and at Simplicity Oil, we want to offer our customers a product that stands above the rest. People spend hard-earned money on hair care, and we understand that when you do buy hair products, you want something that is going to enhance and benefit your hair, not leave [...]

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Hydrate with Natural Hair Oil

There's no arguing when it comes to hydration, you must actively take part in it. In order for your body to function at full capacity one must keep the H2O a flow. It is most definitely beneficial to your body inside and out. But what happens when water does only so much for your [...]

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Simplicity Hair Oil: The Best Natural Hair Oil For Dry & Damaged Hair

We know we’re all guilty of mistreating our hair – some of us more so than others. Even going too long without a haircut or washing your hair too often can damage your lovely locks. Thankfully we’ve finally developed the best natural hair oil for dry hair.Another thing that we’re all guilty of is spending too much money [...]

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Dry, Damaged Hair? Improve it with Natural Hair Oil

Bring your lifeless, dry, and hard to manage hair back to life with Simplicity Hair Oil. We’re all guilty of the common hair mistakes – applying too much heat, washing your hair too often, or using boxed hair color at home. Let’s face it, most of us put our hair through a lot! Simplicity Hair Oil uses natural hair [...]

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The Best Hair Oil to Combat the Most Common Hair Care Mistakes

Though we've seen dozens of our loyal clients transform their dry, brittle hair into healthy, shiny, gorgeous locks after using the best hair oil for dry hair, Simplicity Hair Oil, we know that hair can be damaged by our everyday rituals and habits. We've all made styling and hair care mistakes that unfortunately damaged our [...]

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The Best Hair Oil for Dry Hair

The simplicity of beautiful, healthy hair. Unfortunately, it's not as easy to attain as it is to recognize. Through the consistent daily abuse of our hair including the use of nutrient-depleting products, strand-destroying heat elements and detrimental washing techniques, our hair begins to show the ravages of time. Replenishing the natural hair oils found in the scalp [...]

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