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Daily Moisturizer
Apply up to 10 drops throughout the hair and scalp, depending on the length of the hair. Massage well.

Ends Protector
Apply up to 5 drops to your ends every other day to help seal and protect.

Prior to Blow Drying
Apply up to 4 drops of oil to the palms of the hands, rub together and disperse throughout damp hair. More may be required depending on the length of the hair.


Thinning Hair and Edges
Apply up to 10 drops throughout the scalp every other day focusing on specific areas. Massage, massage, massage! This brings circulation to the scalp.

Hot Oil Treatment
Apply Oil all over the hair. Focus on the hair from the ear to the ends.

Follow-up with a few more drops throughout the scalp and gently massage. Cover the hair and let oil sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. A hooded dryer, heating cap, steam, or a warm towel is sufficient, proceed with your shampoo.


Natural Luster and Shine
Completion of styling (blow-out, flat-iron, natural styles). Apply up to 5 drops to the palms of the hands and smooth over fly-aways, down the hair shaft to the ends.

Men and Children

Men – Use as a daily grooming tool as well as an aid to address thinning, dry itchy scalp, added luster and shine! For shaving apply to the face for added moisture and skin refresher!

Kids – Keep your children's scalp and hair well moisturized. Tame hard to manage textures with ease.

**same topical and treatment instructions apply