L. Rose | Female

I started using Simplicity Hair Oil on 1/22/15 after trying Hairfinity, Manetabolism, Biotin and many other products that yielded no results. I was terrified to spend the kind of money that SHO was charging. After looking at the ShoNTells I decided to give it a try. I purchased the 30ml and every other day I massaged it in for a few minutes. In about a week I started to see some activity, my follicles seemed to have been activated. A week later I started to see peach fuzz. I was like OH MY GOD. So then I started massaging it in very day until on 2/25/15 my bottle was empty. I was involved in a car accident and had to get well so I noticed that my hair wasn't falling out but it wasn't growing so I just ordered and received a 50 ml. I can't wait to re-start my journey again due to the amazing results I've received. I've NEVER wrote a testimonial before but I want those who aren't sure or skeptical to try it. I'm immensely pleases with my growth those far. I experienced hair loss due to the anesthesia used during a surgery I had. I figure in six months I will be able to do away with the weaves that I use to camouflage my hair loss. Please try it you won't be dissatisfied.

Endia | Female

My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of 5. At that time she loss ALL of her hair. She wore hats from age 5 til age 12. She has always coped well with being "different." She started wearing wigs at the age of 12. I stopped all treatment years ago, because I felt it was not good for her young body. We did treatment for two years with no hair growth success. I would see Tamar Braxton constantly promoting your product, but was hesitant to try it because of failed past attempts. October 2013, I decided to give Simplicity Hair Oil a try...what did we have to lose?!?! We used it daily for about 60 days. When I started to see hair follicles open and hair grow, I thought nooooo this can't be true. After months of using the product I decided to stop to see if hair would still grow. I must say the growth slowed down significantly. I am a Christian and I believe that everything happens in Gods time, but I know for sure Simplicity helped in this process. I want to say what an awesome product you have. We are forever grateful and blessed customers. I have attached a pic of her hair from October 2013 til December 2014. What a difference?!?! I am a believer and I believe in this product!!!

T. Wright | Female

I was really devastated enough from being diagnosed with cervical cancer. I cry like a baby. And one day in between hair appointments I washed my hair myself and saw first hand how my hair came out with every stroke of my comb. Now my then stylist had tried everything to minimize the amount of hair I would loose not using alcohol base products. It helped for a while but the more aggressive my treatments the more my hair started to fall out. So on the same day I decided to wash my hair before an appointment I drove to work with a scarf on my head. Pleading and praying to God for total healing. Because everybody knows my hair is my glory. So I drove past miracles hair studio and they was running a special with a guarantee to grow your hair using a product called simplicity hair oil. Total shocker to me because I had just watched on tv the night before that Tamar Braxton uses the same product. Any who, I made the appointment with this new stylist who knew nothing about me or my situation. When she saw my hair she said I want to start using this new oil on you. And she stated that she never used it on any of her clients but herself because she wanted to make sure it would work on different hair situations. I was like ok let's see how this goes after all it couldn't get any worst then it already were. We did a sew in that day. She told me we are going to keep doing a sew in for a about 1 year and I was to come every week to get shampooed and conditioning using biotin products along with applying SHO to my weak spots. She told me to purchase a bottle for home and use it every other day only in weak spots In between appointments. Well 2 years later my cancer is in remission and I have my hair back. Weaver is now an option and not an necessity. I love this product because I can look in the mirror and smile at how God answered my prayers with a lady name Lisa who created SHO who lived across the country and didn't know she was changing the life of a girl in Birmingham, Al.

Lindsey Q. Lipford | Female

First let me start off by saying I love what you're doing. I saw your Instagram page and immediately became interested because I had that patch of my hair missing for at least 6 months. If came from me wearing u part wigs with clips. And the front of my hair was thinning so badly from consent heat on my leave out even longer than that. I made it my business to change my hair habits because I have always been a firm believer of healthy hair. My hair is relaxed but that is even more reason to take better care of it. When you had the special go on I jumped on it. Then I received this beautiful and convenient bottle. I followed your instructions for drops while also using it on my weave as well. It's light but effective. For products like this a lot does not need to be said, they speak volumes for themselves.

I am 23 years old. My hair has been relaxed for 5 years. I wear wigs 90% of the time but I treat my hair biweekly. These results are after using an entire bottle. The picture of my entire head is after using it on my hair as well as my wig. Your product also reduced shedding. It's awesome! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous | Female

So I'm 32 years old female, and all my life I have had NO edges, I mean none, bald. I wear weaves but it didn't pull them out, bc it was no hair there to even braid down for a sew in. So it wasn't weaves that brought it out, it's hereditary for me. My mom is a twin, and neither her nor my aunt has edges. I have traveled from doctor to doctor trying to get answers to why my edges won't grow. So my dermatologist diagnosed me with alopecia in 2011. I received all kinds of treatments pills, foams, and even cortisone shots in the temple of my edges to stimulate growth. Needless to say my hair still never grew. So one day I was strolling on Instagram and stumbled across simplicity hair oil. I was like what the hell might as well try it I have tried everything else. So I use the oil at bedtime every night massaging into my scalp for at least 20 mins. I know it's a lot to do every night but when I started to see growth I didn't mind doing it every night. But let me say, I have to say thank you a million times because for the first time in my 32 years of life I can see some growth on my edges in only 4 months. I pray on my wedding day I will be able to wear a soft updo. Which all my life I have never been able to wear ponytails updos or anything that required edges. The only thing I regret is not using this product sooner. I know some females read these stories and think oh that's not true, they are paid to say this or say that. Well let me be clear my story is REAL and I wasn't paid a dime. Bottom line is THIS STUFF REALLY DOES WORK. Thanks simplicity hair oil for my edges and improving my self-esteem!!! I am and will forever be a LONG TIME customer.

Sunshine_Babie | Female

I just want to say thank you for your amazing products. I cut all my hair off to start fresh on Nov 7, 2013 and I've been using your product since then once a week and it has not even been a year and my hair had grown back faster and so healthy I can't live without my Simplicity! I love it. Keep up all the work and you will have me as a customer for years!

K. Tran | Female


The magic hat helped my hair come back after the blonde. Simplicity Hair oil is what I have been using on my hair for the last two years since I dyed it blonde. An honest miracle worker! I almost was bald headed haha their oil, shampoo and conditioner has been my key to healthy hair...

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